Commissioner Saltzman on stepping down at a tough time for LAPD

Police Commissioner Robert Saltzman, for years the most critical voice on the civilian panel overseeing the LAPD, has ended his term. Saltzman tells Press Play about leaving at a heated time for LAPD, and amid a national debate over race and policing. And, Facebook once again found itself part of the news when it deactivated the accounts of a young woman who was live-streaming her stand-off with police before she was killed. Then, when Rio made its bid for this summer’s Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee promised to clean up Guanabara Bay, where Olympic sailors and open water swimmers will compete. It turns out, it was an empty promise. Also, Hillary Clinton may be close to breaking the greatest glass ceiling – the presidency; but dozens of women ran for president before her. A book titled “The Highest Glass Ceiling” profiles three remarkable women who made it closer than most. And finally, imagining more user-friendly food labels that would help make people more health conscious.