‘Super Lucha Cats’: LA artist creates a comic starring felines as lucha libre heroes

Javier Solórzano (right) holds up the first issue of “Super Lucha Cats.” Photo by Craig Calkins.

In the comic book “Super Lucha Cats,” four crime-fighting anthropomorphic cats — in lucha libre wrestling masks — battle monsters terrorizing Bell Gardens. This comic feels familiar to anyone who grew up with “X-Men” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Southeast LA native Javier Solórzano is the comic book’s author and artist. He has a lot to say about his part of Los Angeles, particularly how it’s perceived by other Angelenos. He’s trying to fight some stereotypes that have persisted for decades.

“Whenever I would watch wrestling on TV, they’d [wrestlers] start tussling around. And then one day on a notepad, I just drew a cat in a wrestling mask,” says Solórzano.

The cover of the first issue of “Super Lucha Cats.” Photo by Craig Calkins.