'Creem': New documentary about the 1970s rock and roll magazine

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Music magazine Creem was a tastemaker for rock and roll during the 1970s. The publication built that reputation because it wasn't afraid to go after some of rock's sacred cows.

Bands like the Runaways and Alice Cooper received scathing reviews from the magazine’s young critics, like Lester Bangs. The magazine’s origins are now the subject of a new documentary called Creem : America’s Only Rock N’ Roll Magazine.”

“We were a magnet for other outsiders and misfits. … We thought we were equal to the bands,” says Jaan Uhleski, a founding editor of Creem. “I find it cutting-edge, and brave, and fearless, and not being afraid to take a punch, and to make a punch.”

This cover of Creem magazine features the band Kiss. Courtesy of “Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine.”