Finding love in quarantine, trying to keep it alive in person

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While dating virtually during the pandemic presented its own issues, shifting to dating in real life could pose new hurdles in burgeoning relationships. Photo by Shutterstock.

Finding and getting to know a love interest was difficult before COVID-19. Then came the pandemic lockdown, and rather than give up on love, singles started dating virtually. With many people scared to meet face-to-face, some dating apps offered the option to video date. But can you really get to know someone virtually? And the choices you made during the isolation and anxiety of a worldwide crisis — would you make the same ones under “normal” circumstances? 

Dating during lockdown and then navigating public life together can look very different, says writer Elaine Roth. 

“It's just the two of them in their chemistry. But realistically, our world outside of the pandemic, life isn't like that. You also have to take the kids to soccer, and your friend has a birthday party, and you want to go and you have family obligations,” Roth says. “All of that just naturally comes in. And maybe it shouldn't matter as much as that chemistry. But it puts a strain on relationships, I think. And so both parts need to somewhat work.”