For Some, a Chaotic Morning Commute on the New Expo Line

It was an inauspicious official first day of service on the Expo Line after a drunk driver crashed through a fence and onto the tracks Monday morning. Will the commute chaos dissuade new potential riders? Commuters may have endured delays Monday, but it’s been a much longer wait for retired Metro worker Alan Weeks, who rode the last Santa Monica Air Line car from downtown to Santa Monica in 1953 before the line was abandoned.

Also, Bernie Sanders supporters filed a lawsuit in California demanding the state extend the voter registration deadline. What are voter registration rules so confusing?

Then, in his new book, Ron Miscavige writes about working in the Church of Scientology’s Sea Org, how he escaped, and how his son, David Miscavige, became the secretive leader of Scientology.

And finally, the ongoing migrant crisis and economic stagnation in Europe has boosted the popularity of right-wing, anti-immigrant political parties. Is something similar happening in the U.S?