Garcetti on Homeless Veterans, and Who Would Want to be President?

L.A. has more homeless vets than any other county in the country. Last summer, Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged to end veteran homelessness in Los Angeles by the end of this year. Garcetti has since had to extend that deadline to next summer — and the most recent count shows that veteran homelessness has actually gone up over the past two years in L.A. County.

And there was another Republican presidential debate last night. What does it take to be up there, and who would want to put themselves through it? And who would think they are qualified to be the leader of the most powerful country on earth?

Next, the new film Mustang is about five spirited young sisters who get in trouble after they go swimming with some boys. The story is set in a village in northern Turkey, where there are strict rules for how girls should behave. Their guardians crack down — imprisoning the girls in their home and marrying them off as soon as they’re of age.

Finally, students protesting the handling of racist incidents at the University of Missouri took down their encampment on the quad today. College students are increasingly calling for so-called “safe spaces” for learning. But what about free speech?