Hacks and more hacks – is the US election in danger?

FBI director James Comey appeared before the House Judiciary Committee this week to report that there have been more hacks of voter registration databases. How serious is the threat to US election systems? The voting system isn’t the only thing that’s been hacked recently. Not only was there a massive hack into Yahoo accounts, the company reportedly didn’t do enough to prevent it. Meanwhile, a man’s going to jail for hacking into hundreds of iCloud and Gmail accounts, including those of some celebrities. Then, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the so-called Cosby Bill into law, ending the statute of limitations for prosecuting certain rape cases in California. What are the pros and cons of the new law? Next, two critics have engaged in a spirited debate, compared hundreds of shows, and come up with a canon of the 100 greatest American shows of all time. It’s a new book titled, “TV (The Book).”  And finally, former Wells Fargo employees have filed two class-action lawsuits, alleging that they were either punished or fired for not setting up fake customer accounts or for blowing the whistle on such activities. Press Play spoke with the employment lawyer handling the cases.

photo: Voting booths by Joe Shlabotnik