House votes to allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

In a rare bipartisan move, the House voted today to allow victims of terrorist attacks to sue the foreign governments that funded them. The bill is widely seen as an indictment of the Saudi Arabian government's alleged ties to 9/11 terrorists. But will President Obama veto the bill? Then, how quota systems at Wells Fargo bank led to a massive fraud and a massive settlement with the government. The Sklar Brothers talk sports: Vin Scully's last Dodgers game is coming up and retired soccer superstar Landon Donovan is getting back in the game. The Toronto International Film Festival signals the beginning of Oscars season and we'll talk about the buzziest movies premiering there this weekend. And finally, fish fraud is on the rise. So how can you tell if your salmon sashimi is the real thing?

Photo: 9/11 Memorial (Katie Lips)