How to Help Skid Row’s Homeless, the Faces of King v Burwell, and Randall Park

We start on Skid Row today, where the police shooting of a homeless man on Sunday is still reverberating. What is the city doing to help the mentally ill and chronically homeless on Skid Row? Next, a U.S. Supreme Court twofer: First, a look at how the case going in front of the justices tomorrow that challenges the Affordable Care Act came about and who the unlikely plaintiffs are. Then, a case being argued today over a Los Angeles law that allows police to look at hotel registries without a warrant. Next, Madeleine speaks with actor Randall Park about his roles in ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and the film The Interview. And finally, Target is overhauling its grocery offerings to appeal to younger, more health-conscious shoppers. Will it work?

Banner Image: The Skid Row City Limits Mural by Stephen Zeigler