Hyphen-American Voters, Film Roundup, and A Curling Controversy

Violence by Islamic extremists is the loudest conversation in politics right now, but how are Muslim-Americans reacting to all this? And will it have a significant impact on the 2016 election?

Then, last night at the Latin Grammys, Mexican rockers Maná were joined by norteño legends Los Tigres del Norte to sing the immigrant anthem “We Are More American.” After the song, they unfurled a banner that said in Spanish "Latinos united, don't vote for racists.”

Next, in our film roundup: The Hunger Games, a period piece with Cate Blanchett and Christmas movies!

Finally, curlers everywhere are up in arms over their brooms. Curling the sport, that is. Most of the world’s curlers live north of the border in Canada where people take the sport seriously.

Banner Image: "Curling World Championship 2015" by Sergei Kazantsev/Creative Commons