Inside the $1B deal to detain Central American asylum seekers

In a foreign policy speech Monday, Donald Trump proposed significant changes to the US immigration system, including an ideological questionnaire for Muslim immigrants and visitors to the US.

Also, when a deluge of Central Americans seeking asylum in the US kicked off in 2014, authorities quickly came under pressure to do something with all those people. Enter the Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private, for-profit prison company in the US, which scored a billion-dollar, no-bid contract to construct an enormous facility near the border.

Next, after twenty-two years away, the Rams are back in Los Angeles. HBO’s “Hard Knocks” gives fans an all-access pass to training camp, as the team begins to adapt to its new home.

Then, depending on whom you ask, billionaire mega-farmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick are either two of the most philanthropically-minded people in California, or the state’s most rapacious water-users – or both.

And finally, Japan’s obsession with Los Angeles, circa 1976, is back.