Iowa's Heartland, Abortion Politics, and Juvenile Sentencing

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The Iowa caucuses are just six days away but what’s it like in Iowa without all the campaign hubbub? We chat with journalist Robert Draper about his story “Iowa’s Heartland Beyond the Campaign Trail.”

And on the campaign trail, an emerging theme: abortion. The controversial issue is back in the spotlight after a Texas grand jury indicted two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.

Then, a look at President Barack Obama’s executive order to ban use of solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons.

After that, we go back to the Sundance Film Festival and talk about the movie Tallulah.

Finally, we wrap up with an Instagram experiment-turned-performance-art-piece.

Banner Image: Approaching storm southeast of Des Moines, Iowa; Credit: Samir Thuther via Flickr