ISIS at Home, SAFE Act, and 'TransFatty Lives'

ISIS has a new recruitment strategy. Instead of getting would-be jihadists to come to Syria, it’s telling them to stay put and wage attacks at home.

And, how terrorists communicate has been a major topic of conversation after Friday’s attacks in Paris. Security experts and politicians are saying encryption tools make it too hard to keep tabs on terrorists.

Then, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act would require the FBI director and other top officials to personally approve every Syrian refugee. But would it actually increase security?

Next, at age 30, Patrick O’Brien, better known as New York DJ “TransFatty,” was diagnosed with the debilitating neurological disease ALS — also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. O’Brien decided to turn the camera on his experience. The result is the edgy new documentary TransFatty Lives.

Finally, a San Francisco Superior Court judge ordered five frozen embryos “thawed and discarded” yesterday, raising interesting bioethics questions.

Banner Image: TransFatty Lives, OSCAR CROSBY FILMS