Jews in France, the Silk Road on Trial, and a Defense of Cubicle Culture

Four Jews killed in a Kosher grocery store in Paris on Friday were buried today in Israel. How did the murders exacerbate the fears of Jews in France already worried for their own safety? Then, the alleged mastermind behind the online drug marketplace the Silk Road goes on trial today. What’s at stake? Next, a look at China’s big Hollywood play. And we also hear from an author who argues in his new book that we’re witnessing the decline of the creative class. And finally, office culture has been skewered in pop culture: most notably in the film “Office Space.” But one writer says the office as we know it is actually a great work environment.

Banner Image: The body of Francois-Michel Saada, one of four French Jews killed in an attack on a Paris kosher grocery, is lowered to the grave during their joint funeral in Jerusalem January 13, 2015. Four French Jews killed in the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris were buried in Jerusalem on Tuesday before thousands of French and Israeli mourners, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying they had been returned to their "true home". REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun