Julian Bond and Today's NAACP, and Eating on the Campaign Trail

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Civil rights pioneer Julian Bond passed away over the weekend, at the age of 75. He fought for equality and justice throughout his life, and headed the NAACP for over a decade.

Then, three years ago, almost two-thirds of California voters passed Proposition 39, the Clean Energy Jobs Act. The ballot measure would raise hundreds of millions of dollars by closing a corporate tax loophole, and all that new tax money would be used to create thousands of jobs working on green energy projects in California schools. But has the promise been fulfilled?

Then, unless you’ve been living in a garbage can, you probably heard about Big Bird’s big move to pay TV. On our TV roundup, we look at why Sesame Street is joining HBO.

And a look at how much money the Dodgers have ahead of their two-game series against the Oakland A’s up in the Bay Area.

Finally, the 2016 presidential hopefuls hit the Iowa State Fair over the weekend. Along with the usual stump speeches and photo ops, they also chowed down. Indulging in local treats is a way to demonstrate relatability. But it’s also a liability when keeping fit is a priority.

Banner Image: Civil rights activist Julian Bond; Credit: Eduardo Montes-Bradley