L.A.’s New Transportation Plan, Women and the GOP, and For-profit Rescue

The Los Angeles City Council is on the verge of approving a transportation plan called “Mobility Plan 2035.” It’s supposed to get people out of their cars and cut traffic over the next 20 years. But opponents say the plan could backfire and end up increasing traffic. Many American cities, including Los Angeles, once had thriving public transit. So what happened? Then, so-called “disaster rescue organizations” promise to save you when you’re trapped on the mountain and can’t get down—all for a price of course. But their services are not available to non-paying victims of natural disasters like avalanches or earthquakes, raising touchy ethical questions about the for-profit rescue industry. Finally, if you loved the TV show Empire, you’re about to get even more from the world of Cookie and Lucius than you could have ever imagined.

Banner Image: Train leaving to Downtown LA.