L.A. Teacher Case Back in Court, and Facebook’s New Emojis

How easy should it be to fire bad public school teachers? The question is being considered for the second time today in a California court.

Meanwhile, L.A. developer Rick Caruso is working on a new shopping mall in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego. Will it be voted down, and what impact has he had on the landscape in this city?

Then, an investigation into the increasingly common arbitration clauses that show up in all kinds of consumer contracts, employment contracts and even housing leases.

Turning to this weekend’s Oscars, KCRW’s Matt Holzman gives Madeleine his take on this year’s Foreign Language nominees.

And finally, in our regular Web news segment, Facebook’s new emojis. Like or no?

Image: Teachers’ union 2014 news conference on Vergara v. California. Photo by Neon Tommy.