Legalizing Pot in California and High Salaries at the LA County Fair

No fewer than 17 different groups are working on measures to legalize recreational marijuana in California. Can all these different pot proponents coalesce behind one ballot measure?

Then, the L.A. County Fair has lost money for years...while also paying its CEO more than triple the salary of other fairs’ executives.

And L.A. leaders are finally trying to fix some of the parking problems in Los Angeles. The City Council’s Transportation Committee is going ahead with several reforms recommended by a working group set up by Mayor Garcetti.

Next, when Saigon fell in 1975, many members of the political and military elite of South Vietnam fled to America…where they continued to fight left-leaning journalists and those who dared to question the anti-communist cause. That conflict led to murder in places like Orange County, San Francisco and Houston, and the murders of these journalists remain unsolved.

Finally, Highland Park has become almost synonymous with gentrification; when it comes to food, however, the new isn’t necessarily replacing the old. The neighborhood’s seen a lot of restaurants open up. But these places aren’t especially upscale, and the old standbys seem to be popular as ever.

Banner Image Credit: Prensa 420