Leonard Nimoy Dies, LA Combats Child Prostitution, and Harley Quinn

We start with a look at the life and work of Leonard Nimoy, the Star Trek actor who died today of lung disease at 83. After that, we turn to a serious problem here in Los Angeles: child prostitution. Who are the young women being exploited, and what’s the justice system doing to help them? Then, two Americans skiers won the silver and bronze medals this week at the World Championships of Nordic Skiing: a major upset in the world of cross-country skiing. Who are they and what happened? Next, in our weekly Friday film segment, a look at what’s new in theaters this weekend, including Focus and Maps to the Stars. And finally, the story of Harley Quinn, a comic book character who’s become one of pop culture’s most popular anti-heroines.

Banner Image: Leonard Nimoy at KCRW; Credit: Stephen Laufer