Lessons for Greece from Detroit's Bankruptcy, and Hollywood Sign NIMBYs

Kevyn Orr successfully navigated Detroit through the largest and most complicated city bailout in American history. What are the similarities are between Greece and Detroit? What can Greece and the EU learn from the Detroit bankruptcy? Then, the fight over access to the Hollywood Sign is ongoing. In the latest twist, homeowners in the Hollywood Hills are suing the city to close all public access to the sign. But some of those same homeowners are advertising their proximity to the sign to attract Airbnb renters. Can they have it both ways? And the iconic actor Omar Sharif died today in Cairo, at 83. He’s one of the few Arab actors to ever rise to the top echelons of Hollywood. In addition to Lawrence of Arabia, he also starred in Doctor Zhivago. Finally, Tab Hunter was one of the biggest heartthrobs of the 1950’s. He was also gay—a secret that he and the studios kept for decades. Tab Hunter is in his 80’s now and he’s retired, spending quality time with his long-time partner Alan Glaser and his horse Harlow. And he’s the subject of a new documentary called Tab Hunter Confidential.

Image: Views from Woodward & Garfield in Midtown Detroit; Credit: Gehad Hadidi