Los Angeles Plays Itself, Amazon Gets Twitchy, and a Mideast Truce

After seven weeks of fighting, there’s peace today in Israel and Gaza. The two sides agreed to an indefinite ceasefire yesterday -- but will the truce hold? We also hear reaction from two university professors on the ground in Israel and Gaza, who describe life on both sides of the conflict. Next, in our weekly tech roundup, Amazon bought the website Twitch this week for just under $1 billion. We also talk about a 2003 film that’s become a cult favorite via occasional screenings. Now, more than a decade later, “Los Angeles Plays Itself” is getting a commercial release; we speak to it’s director, Thom Andersen. And finally, one in four foster children in California is on psychotropic drugs, more than three times the overall rate for children. Why is the number so high, and what are the consequences?

Banner Image: "Los Angeles Plays Itself" by director Thom Andersen, photo: Ilona Gaynor