Lowering L.A. Student Standards, Leaving New Delhi and 'Dietland'

Today we start with two education stories. First, the Los Angeles Unified School District is considering this week whether to lower its college prep course grade requirement from a C to a D. Why aren’t students making the cut? Then, student debt for college educations has grown so big, some borrowers are now simply refusing to repay their loans. Has ignoring debt become a moral stand -- and is it right? Next, New York Times correspondent Gardiner Harris talks to Madeleine about his decision to leave a reporting post in New Delhi because of the city’s hazardous air pollution problem. And author Sarai Walker talks about her new novel Dietland, which tackles the culture of weight loss “miracles.” And finally, in our weekly television roundup, Sense8 and why Entourage faltered in the small screen to big screen transition.

Banner Image Credit: Shannan Muskopf