Making L.A.: Policing, UCSD Sexual Assault Ruling, and 'Do I Sound Gay?'

The LAPD has received a lot of praise for reducing crime and improving relations with minority communities. But so far, violent crime is up 26 percent this year and Los Angeles police have shot 21 people, or nearly one a week. In the latest installment of our Making L.A. series, we talk about policing in Los Angeles.

Then, there is a national spotlight on the issue of campus sexual assault right now—but the conversation is shifting a bit to the accused. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge this week ruled that UC San Diego didn’t give a fair trial to one male student accused of rape. The ruling could have big implications for similar cases.

And, what exactly does it mean to “sound” gay? A new documentary explores the stereotype of the “gay voice.”

Finally, “mindfulness” mania is sweeping the business world, with hedge fund managers extolling its benefits, and companies from General Motors to Goldman Sachs offering meditation packages for their employees. But some people are offended by this “McMindfulness,” calling it a capitalist perversion of what should be a spiritual practice.

Banner Image: Two LAPD officers walking to a patrol car in Mission Hills; Credit: Chris Yarzab