Managing Measles, Upending the Food Pyramid, and Obama’s Millennial Bid

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Measles was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, but the CDC reported 644 cases last year. What’s the best way to manage the current outbreak in California before it gets worse? Then, the U.S. Agriculture Department is updating the food pyramid (now redesigned as a plate) and may recommend people move toward a more plant-based diet. But the meat industry and some members of Congress are fighting back. We catch up on the debate. Next, President Obama will be interviewed by three millennial YouTube stars today. We hear about his media blitz to grab young people’s attention, and other Internet news, in our weekly web roundup. Then, a Hollywood doorman-turned-mortgage salesman talks about his new film chronicling his experiences on the ground floor of the financial crisis. And finally, Target unveils a new plus-size clothing line next month. What took so long?

Banner Image: The USDA MyPlate nutritional guide icon