Mass Shootings and Terrorism, and Restricting Ammunition

The FBI announced earlier today that the shooting in San Bernardino is being investigated “as an act of terrorism.” The attacks killed 14 people and wounded 21 on Wednesday at the Inland Regional Center. How does this change the conversation about this mass shooting?

And, the attackers in San Bernardino had over 6,000 rounds of ammunition in their house and in their car. In October, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom released a proposed ballot initiative to strengthen gun laws in California that includes new restrictions on the sale of ammunition.

Next, it’s a total grab bag at the movies this weekend. Our critics join us, as they do every Friday, to discuss the week’s new releases.

Finally, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, do you say the word anymore? Are you wishing friends happy “holidays”? Are your kids getting ready to go on “winter” break? Maybe you’re an unwitting casualty in the “War on Christmas.”

Banner Image Credit: Sgt Brian Gamble/CC