Mexican Marijuana, Codegirl Documentary, and Sugar v. Corn Syrup

The Supreme Court of Mexico yesterday allowed people to grow, own, and use marijuana. The ruling only applied to the four people who brought the case. But it could quickly lead to a wider precedent which would effectively legalize the drug.

Last year, thousands of unaccompanied Central-American minors arrived in America. President Obama launched a program to absorb these children legally. So far, exactly zero have been brought in.

Then, is high fructose corn syrup worse than plain old sugar? That’s the question at the heart of a trial that began this week. Sugar processors and corn refiners have filed competing lawsuits, each accusing the other of making false claims.

Next, the Technovation Challenge is a contest that’s trying to change the imbalance of women in technology. There is only one winner, but the hope is that everyone who participates will get a taste for tech.

Finally, in our web roundup, people on Twitter and Reddit deconstruct Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership. And you may be obsessed with Candy Crush, but at least you didn’t pay $5.9 billion for it.