Middle-Class Prenups, Steve Jobs Doc, and Tehrangeles Reacts to Iran Deal

President Obama scored enough votes today to pass his Iran nuclear deal in the Senate. The deal would ease sanctions against Iran in exchange for it giving up its nuclear ambitions for the next 15 years. Los Angeles has the largest community of Iranians outside Iran, and many of them have been watching the negotiations around the nuclear deal closely. Then, city officials are launching an international competition to redesign Pershing Square. What’s the goal of this latest effort? And pre-nuptial agreements used to be for very wealthy men who wanted to protect their assets in case of divorce. But not any more. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more middle class couples have started signing prenups. Finally, Apple CEO Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011. He was only 56. The outpouring of love and grief for the man in the black turtleneck was pretty unusual for a corporate executive. Jobs was revered for the universe of beautifully designed, game-changing technology he helped create. But a new documentary takes a slightly more jaundiced look at his legacy in Silicon Valley.