Missing Plane, Charter Schools and Fast Fashion

What if the pilots of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 steered the plane off-course because of an electrical fire? We talk to the deputy editor of Wired, which published a story by a pilot making the case for that theory. We also chat with an author and astronomer about a breakthrough discovery in understanding the Big Bang. A new Stanford study says that L.A. charter school students spend more time learning than their public school counterparts. We examine the report, and get a response from the L.A. teachers union. We also take a deep dive into the secretive world of “fast fashion” companies like Forever 21, and the close-knit community of Korean families in L.A. driving the trend. Finally, are struggling homeowners out of luck in getting foreclosure help? A new lawsuit against the State of California and a Justice Department report suggest that authorities aren’t doing much to help Main Street.

Banner Image: Gateway of Granada Hills Charter High School, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles; Credit: jcjusay