New Details on LA’s Olympic Bid, Privacy and Abortion Rights, and Ashley Madison

The LA City Council is meeting today to decide whether Mayor Garcetti should be authorized to sign an agreement with the US Olympic Committee. In preparation for the council meeting, a 200-page “bid book” was made public. It includes budget details—the projected cost is $5.8 billion—and plans for venues and the Olympic Village. City analysts also released their own report, which raises questions about the bid. Then, the fight over abortion rights has taken a new turn. More and more, anti-abortion activists are trying to uncover personal details about women who get abortions and doctors who perform them. Their tactics range from public records requests to dumpster diving outside abortion clinics. And now the fight is playing out in courts around the country. Finally, the infidelity dating site Ashley Madison has been trying to attract women, but close to zero percent of the site’s 37 million users were women.