LAUSD shifts to online education during coronavirus crisis. How 2 teachers are adapting

Governor Gavin Newsom made an unprecedented announcement last week when he said, “I would plan and assume that it's unlikely that many of these schools -- few, if any -- will open before the summer break.”

Most schools in California will not reopen this school year, which means teaching will happen remotely -- if at all -- until then. 

We speak with two teachers about how they’re adapting. They’re from very different Southern California neighborhoods. 

Edward St. George teaches social studies at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School in South LA. Jill Fink teaches kindergarteners and first graders at Woodlake Elementary in Woodland Hills. 

Guests: Edward St. George, 6th grade teacher at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School

Jill Fink, kindergarten/first grade teacher at Woodlake Elementary School.