Police Stops: Know Your Rights, Vegas Weddings, and 'Let's Be Less Stupid'

LA County’s jails are so crowded with mentally ill inmates, it’s become a crisis. In a new report, L.A. County’s District Attorney recommends sending non-violent criminals with mental health and addiction issues to treatment instead of lockup.

And the Sandra Bland case has the whole country wondering what, exactly, are my rights when I’m pulled over? What were her rights in her initial police encounter?

Then, the number of people getting married in Las Vegas has decreased by more than a third in just a decade. That’s a loss of about a billion dollars a year.

And Patricia Marx has written a book about her brain function called Let’s Be Less Stupid: An Attempt to Maintain My Mental Faculties.

Finally, a group calling themselves "The Impact Team" is demanding that infidelity website Ashley Madison go offline.

Banner Image: The Little White Wedding Chapel drive-through tunnel of vows located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.