Politicon, 'Gold Fame Citrus,' and the Wet Prince of Bel-Air

Presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig’s poll numbers were too low to qualify him for tonight’s debate. Lessig is running on a single-issue platform: campaign finance and election reform. He says he would resign the Presidency once he accomplished his goal.

And more than ever, politics feels like entertainment. Case in point, it’s just been announced that Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live.

Politicon, an event this past weekend in Los Angeles, doesn’t think mixing politics and entertainment is a bad thing. In fact, its motto is “Entertain Democracy.”

Next, someone in Bel Air is using 1,300 gallons of water an hour. Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez is working to expose the person some are calling the Wet Prince of Bel-Air.

Finally, in a new novel by Claire Vaye Watkins, it’s the dregs of the city that remain after a catastrophic drought slowly throttles L.A. to death.