Pools and Segregation, Vincent Bugliosi Dies, and the Primates of Park Avenue

McKinney, Texas is in the news after a video surfaced of a police officer using force at a teenage pool party, we look at the surprisingly intertwined history of public pools and segregation. Then, Vincent Bugliosi, who successfully prosecuted Charles Manson in L.A. in the early ‘70s, has died at 80. We hear from someone who worked with him on the case. Next, the author of a new memoir about the strange ways of wives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side talks to Madeleine about the now-infamous “wife bonus” and other observations. And we preview the L.A. Film Festival, happening this week.

Banner Image: The public swimming pool in Pullen Park (Raleigh, North Carolina), which was closed by the city after four black males went swimming with two white companions on August 7, 1962; Credit: Universal Pops