Streaming wars, WWE-UFC merger, ‘humanitarian crisis’ in jails

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“If they convert just 10% of that 100 million freeloading password shares, you're looking at roughly 10 million new customers. They clearly see the upside as worth it,” strategist Brandon Katz says about Netflix. Photo by Shutterstock.

With Netflix losing some of its glow and reports of massive layoffs at Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney, is anyone making money at streaming?

LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis withdrew a motion on Monday that would’ve declared LA County jails a “humanitarian crisis.” The plan drew backlash from law enforcement and criminal justice advocates. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is set to meet with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Library. And China isn’t happy about it.

Many Black evangelicals have a complicated relationship with the church, and their white and politically conservative fellow congregants who are drawn to Christian nationalism.

An LA-based company, which owns mixed-martial arts league UFC, is now acquiring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). What will the new company look like?