Reagan and the New GOP, Silicon Valley’s Tech Bubble and an Almond Makeover

Republican presidential hopefuls will gather Wednesday for a debate at the Reagan library in Simi Valley and no doubt pay homage to this country’s 40th president. But would Reagan fit in today’s Republican party?

Then, Trump sells the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants after his politics clashed with his business ventures. Speaking of Trump, he’s leading in the polls but hasn’t spent a dime on television ads. That’s because he gets all the attention he needs from the media frenzy around him. Our regular TV commentators discuss that and more, including Stephen Colbert’s first week as host of The Late Show.

Next, Silicon Valley is seeing some of the signs of being in a tech bubble. Is it headed for a pop?

And finally, the almond has become the poster nut for water-thirsty crops during California’s drought. Now almond growers are fighting back with a full-fledged PR campaign. Can you eat almonds again without feeling guilty?