Reckoning with America’s Racist Past, Rosé and Making L.A.: Hollywood

South Carolina lawmakers voted by overwhelming majority to take down the Confederate Flag. But removing the flag doesn’t erase South Carolina’s past as a center of the slave-owning south. Neither the southern states nor the federal government have officially come to terms with slavery and how it built this nation. How is this past whitewashed today? And the flag remains a symbol for people like Dylann Roof, who will go on trial for killing nine black parishioners in a South Carolina church. If Roof goes to prison, he’s likely to get a hero’s welcome by the white supremacist groups that are endemic in America’s prisons. But it’s not quite that simple. Then, Reddit is in revolt. The volunteers who moderate the website’s forums are essentially on strike after the firing of a popular Reddit executive. That and other web news in our weekly web roundup. Next, in the latest installment of our Making L.A. series: the business that put this town on the map, and how it’s changing. Runaway production has had the industry wringing its hands for a while. What can be done to bring more work back to Hollywood? Finally, the pink wine that used to be considered cloyingly sweet and cheap is now one of the most popular: Rosé imports from France increased nearly 30 percent last year. So how did rosé go from Strawberry Hill to fine wine?