San Bernardino Muslims React, and the Pro-Gun Argument

The FBI is investigating whether or not yesterday’s attack in San Bernardino is a case of terrorism. Regardless of where that investigation leads, Muslims there are on edge today.

Then, statistics show that, on average, there’s a mass shooting more than once a day in the United States. And after awful events like those in San Bernardino, we tend to hear the same political refrains. Well, what about the other side? What is the pro-gun solution to gun violence?

Next, you could argue that this is the golden age of the documentary: there are more than ever, they’re better than ever and some of them even make money. We wanted to find out why, what’s in store for the future and what we should check out right now.

Finally, Yahoo is talking about selling off its web business...which makes you wonder what is an internet business without the internet? And: the role of social media in reporting mass shootings, and talking about them afterwards.

Photo: Avishay Artsy