SCOTUS Rules on Abercrombie, Lane-Splitting and the Colorado River

We start with a two-part look at the U.S. Supreme Court: First, what are the implications of today’s rulings on cases involving Abercrombie & Fitch and Facebook? Then, an interview with the author of a new study showing that the court’s justices are making more public appearances than ever. Could higher profiles affect their behavior behind the bench? Next, in our regular cars segment, Madeleine looks at California’s move to become the first state to officially endorse lane-splitting by motorcyclists on freeways. Then, author Paolo Bacigalupi discusses his new novel, The Water Knife, which offers a dystopian vision of a post-drought future. Finally, the real-life Colorado River is drying up -- and not only because of the drought. What else is contributing to his demise?

Banner Image Credit: Eric Schmuttenmaer