Should 'Notorious RBG' stay above the political fray?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg caught heat this week from both sides of the aisle for calling presidential candidate Donald Trump “a faker” who has “an ego.” Americans expect members of the high court to avoid wading in political muck; but Ginsberg isn’t called ‘Notorious RBG’ for nothing. Then, Los Angeles County supervisors are hoping that a state ballot measure to legalize marijuana will pass in November so that they can tax it to pay for homeless services. It’s the latest in a three-pronged city-county-state strategy city officials hope will help solve LA’s homeless crisis. Also, developers are exploiting a loophole in California’s ballot initiative process to bypass environmental laws and speed developments. It’s a strategy pioneered by Wal-Mart. Next, a new documentary explores the rise and fall of Jewel’s Catch-One, LA’s first black gay disco. And finally, the LA dining scene is getting a bit precious, with unnecessary French words and terms like curated and foraged being thrown around on every menu. So food writer Josh Scherer decided to take a stand – and make a list.

Image: Steve Petteway, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States - Ruth Bader Ginsburg