Suspect linked to NYC area bombs detained after shootout

A suspect connected with bombings in the New York area this weekend has been captured in Linden, New Jersey. Twenty-eight year old Ahmed Kahn Rahami was shot and two police officers were wounded in a shootout. We get an update on what we know and don’t know about Rahami.

Then, events like the recent shootout and bombings have had many of us glued to our screens. In fact, there’s always something online to capture our attention – but at what cost? Author and internet pioneer Andrew Sullivan says it’s the ultimate cost: being human.

Next, California Governor Gray Davis signed a law in 1999 that ensures state employees are entitled to the kind of pensions most of us can only dream about. Proponents of the bill said it wouldn’t cost taxpayers a penny, but it turns out those pensions will cost California taxpayers $5.4 billion this year alone.

And finally, photographer Anthony Hernandez captures poetry in an environment that most people would consider urban blight. Photographs from his more than 45-year career will be on display at SFMOMA beginning September 24.