'The Coyote’s Bicycle', and Remembering Tupac’s Mom, Activist Afeni Shakur

Drug cartels often use minors as mules because they’re usually treated with leniency if they get caught. That’s led one Arizona county to start targeting teenagers and trying those caught smuggling drugs as adults. Are underage drug mules being treated too harshly? And, billions have been spent securing the U.S.-Mexican border, but one coyote found a novel way to evade the sophisticated ground sensors on the American side – bicycles. We’ll speak to the author of ‘The Coyote’s Bicycle’. Then, a tribute to activist Afeni Shakur, the mother of the rapper Tupac, who fiercely protected her son’s legacy. Also, the U.S. State Department has introduced a Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons. And finally, what to drink this summer from beer to bubbly. Banner Image: Arizona/Mexico border