The Rich-Poor Longevity Gap, Smart Fabrics, and Poet Robots

A new study finds that while the rich live longer than the poor nationwide, the size of that gap depends very much on where you live. In L.A., for example, the poor live almost as long as their wealthier counterparts. Why?

Then, we get the details on the very first Smart Fabrics Summit in Washington today, which showcases hi-tech clothing.

In our regular Monday TV segment, a roundup of so-called “prestige comedies” that ironically portray Los Angeles as a sad, depressing place.

Next, Madeleine speaks to the author of a new non-fiction book about a teenager who murdered another teenager in Oxnard. Why did he do it?

And finally, Silicon Valley types are hiring writers and poets to make virtual assistants like Siri sound more human.

Banner Image Credit: EvaSwensen via Flickr