The Unlikely Influence of Televangelism

Two men are dead in a suspected murder-suicide at UCLA Wednesday morning. KCRW Reporter Saul Gonzalez joined Press Play from the UCLA campus with the latest.

The Supreme Court will hear a case this week that concerns the appropriate level of instruction for special education students in public schools. Are most special-needs kids getting an appropriate education?

Also, most students in public schools are not white, but more than 80 percent of public school teachers are. Despite decades of effort, educators are still struggling to narrow the achievement gap between white students and black and Hispanic students. What can white teachers do to better teach across cultural and economic divides?

And finally, televangelist Jan Crouch has died. We’ll talk about how she and her husband built the Trinity Broadcasting Network into a multi-million dollar ministry, and how Jan Crouch and fellow televangelist Tammy Faye Messner came to be gay and drag icons.

Photo Credit: Trinity Broadcasting Network World Headquarters