The Wage War, West Adams’ Old Dairy Farm and Movie Roundup

Today on Press Play, a look at how private companies have stepped in to raise wages and  why the government has stepped out of the debate. Then, Silicon Valley and government regulators are increasingly coming to loggerheads over the “sharing economy.” But Silicon Valley’s Libertarian streak sometimes dissipates when a tech company needs something from the government. Next, Richmond, California used to have one of the highest violent crime rates, but a program that pays potentially-violent people to stay out of trouble has helped drastically reduce murders. Then, a roundup of all things film including the new releases “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” and “Snowpiercer.” Finally, the Los Angeles Conservancy is honoring the people who’ve restored and preserved some of the oldest structures in Los Angeles. This year’s winners include the restorers of a dairy farm house in West Adams.

Photo Credit:  2014 Paramount Pictures Corporation.