Tracking Hate, Philanthropy Philosophies, and Wiki Bias

Frazier Glenn Cross is accused of the shootings at Jewish Centers in Kansas this weekend. How closely are his kind of hate groups tracked? And how closely are we all tracked when we use the internet? What can we do to avoid leaving such a big online trail? On our weekly TV roundup: a new season of Mad Men, new reality TV, and a whole lot of new TV shows coming out this spring. We also talk to a man who gave up his house to a homeless family for a year (and the homeless woman that lived there), and to a philosophy professor about the impulse to give. Finally, only a small percentage of Wikipedia’s pages are written and edited by women. Today there was a memorial service in Los Angeles for Adrianne Wadewitz, a college professor who worked hard to overcome Wikipedia’s gender bias.

Banner Image Credit: Sarah Stierch