Trump and Media Bashing, and Sony Hack One Year Later

Politicians on the campaign trail regularly vilify the media. Why do they pit themselves against journalists, and how much of it trickles down to voters?

Then, students at Princeton are demanding that Woodrow Wilson’s name be removed from university buildings and institutions because of his racist views. What is Wilson’s legacy when it comes to race, and what should Princeton do?

Next, Adele’s new album, 25, has broken the music industry’s record for most albums sold in a week. What does this milestone tell us about the state of the music industry?

And, it’s been one year since the big hack at Sony. How is the studio faring?

Finally, the weak box office returns for Angelina Jolie’s film By the Sea has Hollywood executives rethinking the so-called “favor” movie.

Banner Image: Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2015; Credit: Michael Vadon