Trump drops ‘birther’ theory, but says Clinton started it

Presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters Friday that Hillary Clinton and her campaign started the ‘birther’ controversy. The reemergence of the ‘birther’ theory topped a crazy week on the campaign trail that included Hillary’s pneumonia, Donald on Dr. Oz, the frenzy over polling numbers and what they mean, and Colin Powell’s email hack.

Meanwhile, there are important conversations happening around police use of force that the presidential candidates haven’t been addressing recently. In Southern California, sheriff’s officers recently used a robot to end an armed standoff in the Antelope Valley. Is robot policing used more often than the public realizes?

Then, why some people in the television business are fretting that Netflix could become the Google of Hollywood.

And finally, this week’s new releases include “Snowden,” a Christian rock doc, and two sequels. What’s good?

Photo courtesy of Raymond Wambsgans.