Trump’s whirlwind day with Mexico’s Peña Nieto, Arizona’s Joe Arpaio

Donald Trump talks immigration in Arizona. But first, he makes a pit stop in Mexico to meet privately with President Peña Nieto. Both are very unpopular in Mexico at the moment. So why would Peña Nieto welcome Trump to Mexico now?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be part of the Arizona welcoming committee when Trump arrives in the state. Arpaio is currently under investigation for racial profiling and contempt. How might his support for Trump play into the presidential campaign?

Then, bills headed to Gov. Brown’s desk could affect two groups of California workers who aren’t now entitled to regular overtime pay - farm workers and domestic workers. Why haven’t those workers been paid overtime?

Next, some students who participate in pro-Palestinian groups on college campuses have found themselves the target of harassment. Press Play speaks with a UCLA student who found his name on a poster labeling him a “Jew Hater.”

And finally, the Upright Citizens Brigade has promoted the idea of improv as self-improvement, something for everyone, and the phrase “yes, and,” is now ubiquitous. But UCB has also been criticized for having a corporate and even cult-like environment.

Photo courtesy of Tim Duffy