Turmoil inside Bernie Sanders’ group threatens the revolution

When Bernie Sanders addressed his supporters after conceding the presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton in June, he vowed that the political revolution would continue. Since then, Sanders has launched a new political group called Our Revolution. But even as he spoke to supporters Wednesday about keeping the movement alive, turmoil within the group is already threatening to derail the revolution.

Then, Native Americans and environmentalists have come together from all over the country to protest an oil pipeline they say would disturb sacred land and threaten water supplies.

Also, unlike some other cases involving Nazi-looted art in recent years, a California district court judge has ruled the Norton Simon Museum has a right to keep two 500-year-old German renaissance paintings of Adam and Eve.

Next, Todd Marinovich was a rising football star before he fell dramatically because of drug use, ending up in prison and rehab, at times homeless. But lately, Marinovich was painting murals around Orange County and thought to be clean and sober before he was arrested again last Friday.

And finally, lovers of LA history and old school kitsch have been bummed out by rumors that the venerable Chinatown restaurant Hop Louie may be closing.

Photo courtesy of Saul Gonzalez.