As COVID-19 makes college uncertain in the fall, students consider taking a year off

Will in-person classes happen on college campuses this fall? With uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, high school seniors are considering taking a gap year. Photo of USC Wallis Annenberg Hall by Amy Ta/KCRW

It’s unclear what college campuses will look like in the fall. High school seniors might choose to take a gap year instead of heading straight to higher education. Many of those already in college are considering transferring or taking a year off. Some well-funded private schools like USC and Stanford will survive the financial fallout, but what about smaller private schools and public universities?

“I think there are a lot of students who are rethinking college already or thinking about a college that’s closer to home or cheaper for financial reasons,” says Paul Tough, author of “The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us.”



  • Paul Tough - author, “The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us”